Automatic screenchanger 3M7

Automatic screenchanger 3M7

A new type of continuous flow automatic screenchager has been recently presented by TECNOVA.


The screenchanger model "3M7" can be used for several applications: compounding, pellets, post-industrial and post-consumer recycling and agricultural film.


The filtering element is a mesh belt available in different sizes and different filtration ranges, up to 80 micron.

It guarantees high regranulate quality at low operating costs and a fully-automatic process.


The system principle lies in its continuity. The new TECNOVA 3M7 guarantees uninterrupted melt flow without any significant pressure peak during screen changings. The material normally flows through a melt channel which has a screen belt filtering impurities.


Anytime the pressure value reaches the set threshold, the screen change process starts, the  dirty section is replaced by a clean and fresh one. The whole cycle lasts about 20 seconds.


Some major benefits:

• High filter fineness possible, up to 80 micron;
• Extruder operation during filter band feed;
• Fully automated filtration;
• Very low operating costs;
• reduction of energy consumption;
• almost zero polymer loss during cleaning cycle;
• minimize material waste;
• reduction of personnel involved;
• recycle highly-contaminated plastics;
• reduce extrusion system downtimes;
• reduction of maintenance interventions;
• increase extrusion system throughput and production rates;
• 24/7 production, with no interruptions or downtimes.

The melt filtration is and will always be one of the most important elements in plastic recycling business.

Especially in medium and large sized plants, an automatic screenchanger ensures a significant improvement in all machine's performance, allowing better filtration, more pellets' quality and a reduction of operating costs.


Tecnova is always available to provide consultancy and test customers’ materials with its own machines to demonstrate the effectiveness of its technologies and guarantee the promised results.

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