TECNOVA Complete Plastic Recycling Plants

Tecnova an Italian excellence in plastic recycling that crosses global boundaries.

TECNOVA, a leading company in the sector of plastic recycling plants, continues to consolidate its prominent position, not only in Italy but also internationally. Founded in the province of Novara, one of the industrial epicentres of Italy, it has grown over the decades, transforming itself into one of the cornerstones of the plastics industry.

Its history is intertwined with the evolution of the post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste recycling sector. Since its foundation in 1983, by Antonio Massaro, current President, it has dedicated itself to the design, production and commissioning of complete recycling systems, with a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Novara area, with its long industrial tradition, has provided the Massaro family property with fertile soil to grow and prosper. Today, the company is a symbol of Italian excellence, with its cutting-edge systems that reflect the high quality standards of "Made in Italy".

TECNOVA has also demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability, offering cutting-edge solutions to address the growing global challenge of plastic waste management.

His path has been characterized by a constant commitment to innovation, significantly contributing to the circular economy and reducing environmental impact. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with research institutes, it continues to stay ahead in providing efficient solutions in the field of plastic recycling.

“We have adopted a collaborative approach towards sustainability - declares Marco Massaro, recently sole owner of the company - and established partnerships with other companies, institutions and environmental organisations, to promote the sharing of best practices and the development of sustainable solutions for the management of plastic waste. Over the years, the quality, reliability and ease of use and maintenance of our machines have allowed us to become a point of reference on a global level with over 3000 systems installed all over the world".

But TECNOVA's real strength lies in its dedication to family values. In fact, the change of baton from the founder Antonio Massaro to his son Marco is very recent, which has given rise to new challenges and new opportunities for the future of the company.

The founder has the experience and wisdom gained over the years, while the successor brings freshness and innovative perspectives. Emblematic in this sense was the launch of the LIONTEK densifier, where past and present came together in a strategic project that has already proven successful. Presented for the first time to the foreign market, during the 2022 edition of the K fair and launched in Italy at the last edition of the PLAST fair in Milan.

Liontek enriches TECNOVA's already vast catalog dedicated to the recycling of plastic materials, including highly contaminated ones. It is a closed-circuit densifier designed to work in line and not in batches, post-consumer, post-industrial plastic material or from washing plants.

A project born in 1997 by Antonio Massaro, whose original drawings are still in circulation in the company, but then abandoned over time for other production priorities. And it is from this initial project that the technical department developed the new system.

The machine, in addition to completing the line up currently available on the market under the TECNOVA brand, is aimed at national and foreign customers, who already own new or previous production lines of the same brand, but also at those who work with systems of other manufacture , since LIONTEK can be sold as a single machine because it is perfectly compatible and can also be combined with third-party systems on the market.

“We look to a greener future”, states the company claim, a synthesis of the commitment to maintaining and exceeding the high standards that have made it a point of reference in the sector. The company will continue to invest in research and development, aiming to introduce even more advanced solutions to address environmental challenges related to plastic. With a future-oriented vision and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, TECNOVA prepares to write new successful chapters in the global plastic recycling industry.

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